Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling

Awaken your inner sensuality, with the captivating new fragrance from Kylie Minogue: Sexy Darling. Kylie the rock chick, Kylie the Pop Princess or Kylie the girl-next-door. Kylie is admired and adored for her irresistible beauty and inherent sexiness. Now, the essence of her sparkling, seductive charm has been captured in Sexy Darling, an alluring floral woody fragrance that tempts and enthrals. In making this new fragrance – Sexy Darling – Kylie herself worked in close collaboration with Coty on its development. I firmly believe that sexiness is all to do with your state-of-mind, some people radiate an inner sense of self-esteem and beauty thats irresistible. With Sexy Darling I wanted to capture this by creating a fragrance for todays sexy, self assured woman who is passionate and playful… a woman who is seductive and sensual. Im very excited that Sexy Darlings fusion of floral and woody notes is a rich, sophisticated fragrance that truly lives up to its name. Kylie Minogue.

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