Angel Perfume

The very first fragrance from Theirry Mugler was the popular, statement Angel perfume! Angel was introduced to the market in 1992 and it created waves, wowing the users and revolutionised the women’s fragrance industry being the first blue perfume and the first fragrance which used oriental gourmand notes.

Although it is considered to by an everyday perfume Angel is quite a strong fragrance! Mugler mixes sweet top notes with strong base notes and this paved a path many other fragrances would soon follow. When creating the fragrance Mugler wished to resonate the childhood memories of many with his choice of key and base notes. Angel smells very sweet, the base notes of the Angel perfume are a sensuous combination of patchouli, chocolate, caramel and vanilla with lighter fruity and fresh key notes of citrus, melons and honey.

Like the actual perfume, the bottle of Angel stands out from all of the rest, resembling a star in both shape and colour. Along with Alien, Angel is available in a refillable bottle which you can refill by purchasing refills available at most perfume retailers so you can recycle your striking star bottle and save money! This is an ideal option for frequent users of the perfume.

The Angel perfume is complimented by a range of luxurious body creams and lotions, hand creams, shower gels and deodorants which are all available to purchase separately or as part of a gift set. Angel is available in a range of sizes of both refills and bottles from 15ml to 100ml. Angel is an Eau de Parfum which means the scent is strong and long lasting so although perhaps more expensive than some perfumes you don’t need to use very much to take advantage of the fragrance. Occasionally special edition Angel perfumes are released such as the Angel Sunessence Silver Ocean, Angel Innocent and Angel Garden of Stars Peony!

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