Alien Perfume

Alien is a distinctive perfume, thanks to the memorable. feminine scent and bold, statement packaging which is a deep purple bottle it is bound to stand out from the rest of your perfumes in more ways than one. The perfume is designed by Thierry Mugler, a French fashion designer! Mugler developed the Alien fragrance after the hugely popular Angel perfume in 2005.

The Alien fragrance, contained in a bold purple bottle which looks like a jewel with gold claw accents signifies a precious talisman which holds the energy of the perfume, inspired by an alien solar goddess! The Alien perfume is also available in refillable bottles, so you can take your beautiful bottle to your nearest store where it will be refilled from the source! Using such bottles brings down the cost and is of course, environmentally friendly!

When creating the Alien perfume Mugler was inspired by the myth of the feminine, sophisticated alien sun goddess, bringing these exact properties to the women that choose to wear this fragrance. The Alien perfume is made from several key ingredients, these notes are jasmine, amber, vanilla, orange blossom and woods. The combination of these floral and woody notes give a warm, sophisticated and luxurious scent which proves to be very recognisable and long lasting taking you from the day to the evening effortlessly. Alien is a perfect fragrance for those who love floral, especially jasmine scents.

The Alien perfume is available in a range of options both Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum, depending on your own personal preference in a range of bottle sizes from 15ml to 60ml. For those that love the Alien fragrance there are a range of complimenting products these include a prodigy bath oil, body lotion, shower gel, body cream and deodorant spray! These are all available in Alien gift sets or individually! There are also limited edition versions of the Alien fragrance with slight modifications to the scent and bottles such as the Alien Sunessence Amber Gold which is a brighter, fresher version of the feminine fragrance.

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